27 Pack Small Dogs Squeaky Squeakers Toys Pet Toys for Puppies Dogs


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Product Description

Plush Squeaky ToyPlush Squeaky Toy

27 Pack DOG Toys Product Details

27 Pack Contains: More various type of dog squeaky plush toys,like Pig, Sun, Koala, Pumpkin, Rabbit, Lion, Watermelon, Moon, Dolphin, Bone, Strawberry, Dog, Cat, Brown Dog, Frog, Starfish, Fox, Horse, Pineapple, Dinosaur, Cactus, Goose, Elephant, Bird,Yellow Fish, Orange Fish, Striped Fish

Material: Plush, Squeaky and Soft

Color: Colorful, Random Delivery

Size: For Puppy, Small Dog

How important are toys to puppies?

Improve tacit understanding , Become smarterImprove tacit understanding , Become smarter

Improve tacit understanding

Playing with toys for a long time will make the puppy and the owner better understand each other’s habits, and also better understand the meaning of each other’s actions and language.Puppies who often play with toys will be more curious about the outside world. Such puppies are more intelligent.

Reduce destructive powerReduce destructive power

Reduce destructive power

Each animal dog toy in the dog squeak toy set has a squeak sound with a crisp sound effect. Use toys to consume the energy of the puppy, so that it no longer has the strength to bite the furniture and the owner’s shoes. But this requires you to inspire the puppy’s enthusiasm for toys.

Reduce tooth damageReduce tooth damage

Reduce tooth damage

One of the reasons puppies play with plush toys is to relieve their gums and toothache. As they get older, they are more likely to experience weakening of their teeth and wear of their gums. By chewing on soft plush toys, they will bounce slightly so that they will not hurt their teeth or gums when they bite.

Increase the amount of exerciseIncrease the amount of exercise

Increase the amount of exercise

Playing with toys indoors with a puppy can also play a role in exercise. This is especially meaningful for puppies who have not yet completed by protection and are not good to go out, and small dogs that do not require high exercise.



For puppy and small dog

simple to wash,you can wash them by hand or machine

【27 Pack Super Value Dog Toys 】 There are various type of squeaky plush toys , including fruit, sun , dolphin, star , variety animal design of shape .This Dog Toys Set will not only make your dog entertained for hours a day but also keep them busy and be absorbed in playing toys for several months . Perfect birthday or festival gift for your pets.
【Good for Puppy Teething 】Dog chew toys are helpful in soothing your puppy’s gums and keeping clean strong teeth . It is beneficial to puppy’s growth .
【Durable Material & Washable】These dog toys are made of soft, durable material and plush . All of them are stitched ,no glue ,good for dogs .They still squeak after washing. Your dog will have fun while keep dental strong.
【Relieve Boredom Puppy Toys 】 These funny squeaky toys are great attractive to puppy dogs . They can appeal to pets chase and exercise, a great way for enhancing your relationship and bring them great fun when they are alone. Suitable size for small dogs or puppy .
【Tips 】 Please warmly noted that do not let your dogs swallow these toys , just be sure to throw away the damaged toys .These dog toys are not recommended for aggressive chewers . Please do feel free to contact us with any questions.


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