Betta Fish: The Simple Guide to Care, Breed and House Your Astonishing Betta Fish


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Betta fish, also called Siamese fighting fish, are small, colorful fish that are native to Southeast Asia and common in the pet trade. In Thailand, people call betta fish “pla kat,” which means “fighting fish,” and it couldn’t be a more appropriate name. Male bettas are known fighters, aggressively flaring their gill covers and nipping at the fins of other males (or even females) who get too close. In the wild, fights may last only 15 minutes, but people in Thailand have bred bettas that are capable of fighting for hours.Bettas do well in captivity, and their aggression, which many find entertaining, along with their vibrant colors have helped make the species popular as pets worldwide. Back in their native home, though, the fish are slowly disappearing.Bettas are one of the most recognized, most colorful, and frequently most arguable fish inside the freshwater aquarium hobby. Debates rage about the appropriateness of retaining them in small bowls. To completely understand their wishes, it is vital to grow to be acquainted with their native habitat, in which they stay in massive rice paddies, shallow ponds, or even in very slow-transferring streams. In this book, you will know more about Betta fish and its interactions.

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